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Leamington Spa Swimming Club
Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club
Established In 1885
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Team Selection Policy

The swimming club participates in many team galas including both friendly and league galas. The league galas are an important part of the club and currently we participate in three main leagues:

   • Mercian League
   • Junior League
   • National Arena League

As a successful club we compete in Division 1 of all three of the above leagues. LSASC won Mercian league in 2012 and came a close second in 2014, we have achieved the final of Junior League many times, the latest in 2013 and narrowly missed out on the final of the prestigious National Arena League in 2013 by 1 point. For a smaller town club this is a tremendous achievement and as such, to be selected as part of the team for one of these galas is something to be very proud of.

Team selection is generally based upon rankings, however coaches discretion is applied to ensure we field the strongest team for each event. We try to ensure every swimmer selected has at least two swims, but in some cases children may only be picked for a single event where it makes a significant advantage.

Any swimmer that is selected to represent Leamington Swimming Club in a team gala will be expected to stay and support their team mates until the last race. This is taken into account when making team selections.

What do I do if I’m selected and I’m not available?

Mark yourself as unavailable on the team sheet as soon as possible and inform your coach the reason why. Being unavailable for one of the league galas has a significant impact, not only to the club but also to every other member of the team and swimmers should do their utmost to be available for these leagues. As the league galas have such a high importance for the club, failure to be available will be taken into consideration when making future team selections, squad movements and selection for additional sessions for the rest of that swimming season. There can always be exceptional circumstances why a swimmer is unavailable to represent their club, therefore it is important to inform the coach of the reason for your unavailability.