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Leamington Spa Swimming Club
Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club
Established In 1885
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Rachel Saysell - Contact
Rachel is one of the longest serving members on the current committee and was club secretary for two years before taking on the role of Chairperson in 2012. Her daughter Sarah was a member of the Senior Performance squad but now both Sarah and Rachel are part of our teaching team.
Nathalie Herbert- Contact

Nathalie has just taken over as secretary. Her two children have been swimming with the club since 2012 since they moved to Leamington from France. Jennifer swims in SP2 and Jason in JD. Nathalie's husband, Andrew is an official with the club

Dana Payne - Contact
Dana has been club treasurer since 2008 and has overall responsibility for the club's finances. She is also membership secretary and began teaching in 2013 and currently deals with all enquires relating to the teaching section of the club. You can always find Dana behind the scenes at the club galas. Her son Nick swims in the Senior Performance squad having started in the teaching section.
Committee Member
Suzanne Linton
Suzanne has been on the committee since 2009. A competitive swimmer in the past and still competing as a Masters swimmer, Suzanne sometimes helps on poolside, helps at the club galas. All three of Suzanne's children have been members of squads with her youngest Derry now in Senior Performance.
Committee Member
Nikki Bradbrook
Nikki is the longest serving member of the committee having joined when her children swam at the club. Nikki was the first female chairperson of the club and is responsible for the trophies for both the club galas and the invitational galas, she is also responsible for maintaining the club records.
Committee Member
David Jolly
David joined the Committee in June 2014 as a co-opted member.  His son, Edward, swims in Senior Performance.  There is no previous experience of swimming within the family although David is an enthusiastic paddler whenever he goes to the beach.
Committee Member
Julian Bowden-Williams
Julian joined the committee in 2014. He is Dad to Emma (currently in junior Development) so is generally found around the pool at various training sessions. He also helps with scoring at Junior League / Club Galas.

Additional non-committee volunteers
Club Welfare Officer
Jill Wharf - Contact            
Jill was a member of the LSASC committee from  2009 until 2015 taking on the role as club secretary in 2012.  Sill stood down in 2015 to take on the row as Club Welfare Officer.  Jill was instrumental in gaining ASA Swim 21 status for the club. Jill is also a regular helper at club galas and her daughter Ellen Stone is a member of the Senior Performance squad.
Information Officer
Shaun O'Brien - Contact
Shaun holds the role of the Information Offficer at LSASC with the aim of supporting parents and swimmers with any questions they might have particulary with regard to selecting and entering gala competitions. Shaun's daughters are Ruby and Lily in Senior Performance and Daisy in Junior Development, so he is to be found at many sessions if you have any queries.