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Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club
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Congratulations to Rebecca Deavall, Bridgette Kelly and David Newton on qualifying as Level 2 Judges
More lost property
Has anyone lost a small 2016 JL tshirt at the C & D on Saturday and mistakingly took a larger 2017 JL tshirt. Please contact chairperson@swimleamington.org. 
Lost Property - inter league final

Apologies for the delay putting this out, I have washed and have ready to return to their owners the following left poolside at the junior interleague final -1st October:

1 x club tshirt age 11/12

1 x purple microfibre towel

1 x Levi sock ( looking for it’s mate) 

Please contact chairperson@swimleamington.org  


Named Hats
Named hats can be ordered from now until 23 October.  All orders need to be placed through the shop and paid for at time of order into the account ended 9268.  As normal, there is a minimum order of 25 hats in either colour (blue or white) so please request a preference. If there are not enough orders to fulfil 25 of each colour, we will order just one colour.  
C&D Primaries
Click here to see the list of accepted entries for the C&D Primaries and here for information about the meet.  For any issues with your entries please contact webmaster@swimleamington.org
Nuneaton Winter Open
Click here to see the list of accepted entries for the Nuneaton Winter Open Meet.  Contact webmaster@swimleamington.org for any issues with your entries by Tuesday 10th October.
Swim Strong


Please see Flyer for a strength and conditioning course being run by Louise for swimmers in our Development squads. This course is recommended by the coaches.

Nutritional Presentation
Please click here to view a presentation by Jo Mainwaring, dietician
Team Galas

With immediate effect any swimmer that is selected to represent Leamington in a team gala will be expected to stay and support their team mates until after the last race.

This is now part of the criteria for team gala selection.

Long Term Development
Some interesting articles on how to be a supportive parent:
Article 1
Article 2