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Leamington Spa Swimming Club
Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club
Established In 1885
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C&D Secondaries

Accepted entries for the C&D Secondaries can be viewed online here and rejected entries can be viewed here.

Warm-up for sessions 1 & 3 will be at 12:15PM and 2 & 4 at 4:30PM.  Please email withdraw@canddswimming.org.uk at least one hour before the session starts for any withdrawals.

TM Hats
If anyone needs a Team Mercia hat for the Northampton Open meet please see Graham at any training session.
Tuesday LTS 2nd May
There IS a normal LSASC Learn to Swim (Stages) session and a Junior Swim Club session on Tuesday 2nd May. The notice that some of you may have seen posted up at Newbold Comyn pool refers to the closure of the Leisure pool only, NOT the main pool.
Session Cancelled
The session at W/B on Sunday 29th May is cancelled due to the Warwickshire Children's Triathlon taking place.
Northampton Open Meet
Please see Accepted Entries for confirmation of all accepted entries for the Northampton Open Meet
Cancelled session
There will no training at St Nicks on Monday 2 May due to the bank holiday
Change to Session. Sunday 8th May
Achievers 1 and the reception squads will swim at King Henry School Coventry on Sunday 8 May as Newbold is closed. The session time is the same 4.00 to 5.30pm
Level 1 teaching course

Please see flyer for Level 1 teaching course being run at Warwick Boys School

Please note you must be 16 yrs and over.

WB Reminder
We would like to remind all swimmers they must use the changing rooms next to the swimming pool.  WB have requested swimmers not to use the dry changing rooms. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Sainsburys Vouchers
The club is collecting Sainsburys Active Kid Vouchers. It is hoped that we can use the vouchers to obtain equipment for land training and/or for our teaching section. If you have any vouchers to then please pass them to Gail/Shaun O'Brien. Many thanks.
Verrucae Policy

Please read Verrucae Policy from Warwick Boys School.

Nutritional Presentation
Please click here to view a presentation by Jo Mainwaring, dietician
Team Galas

With immediate effect any swimmer that is selected to represent Leamington in a team gala will be expected to stay and support their team mates until after the last race.

This is now part of the criteria for team gala selection.

Long Term Development
Some interesting articles on how to be a supportive parent:
Article 1
Article 2